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David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness
David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness

David B. Gravelle

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practioner

I have been passionate about alternative healing modalities for many years. The fact that there is much more to the body than just the mechanics of flesh and bone intrigues me, and I marvel at energy work's ability to go beyond conventional drugs and treatments and engage healing at a more fundamental level.

Over the past 15+ years I have studied various healing methods. All of these  techniques worked... at least temporarily. I noticed that many of my symptoms stopped after having energy sessions—I had fewer allergies, reduced atrial fibrillation, and less joint pain. I also noticed that they tended to return, requiring me to have regular energy sessions to maintain my health.

I continued to seek new approaches, looking for more effective methods. I was inspired when I discovered Eric Pearl’s book on Reconnective Healing™ (RH), and felt compelled to attend his trainings.

As a result of receiving RH sessions during the trainings, I no longer have atrial fibrillation, I enjoy more range of motion in my shoulders, and the pain in my upper back from degenerative disc disease is less and continues to improve.

David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness

Although I already  had a strong sense of well-being, after RH I am experiencing it a new level: I 'grasp' less, feel more neutrality and flow, less resistance, and have a heightened sense of clarity and awareness. It's as if my old, normal, way of being was like a scrambled-up Rubik's Cube, and now all the colored sides are lined up again—everything is finally in its place.

I love that RH goes beyond traditional "fixing" or "curing" of symptoms, and focuses on bringing the body to deeper wholeness and balance, providing a basis from which healing can really take place. From fundamental wholeness and balance, curing is possible and happens often. For example, some physical symptoms may have emotional origins, and RH can affect these root levels of imbalance. RH's frequencies can affect instantaneous change, and many of the shifts will be durable and last your lifetime. Feel free to check out the various scientific studies that validate the RH work.

The best thing about RH is that it allows me to express my passion for making a real difference in people's lives. Not only does this approach work, I love the way it feels when I do it; it has a positive impact on me at the same time as my clients. It is remarkably transformative even at a great distance, allowing me to help people in other locations and time zones.


As a practitioner, I don't dictate what kind of results  you'll receive. Instead, I invite us both to open up to receive whatever it is that you really need, which is often something that neither you or I are even aware of.

This openness reflects an attitude of receptive expectancy, rather than control-based, deterministic, expectations. When you and I both stay open in receptive expectancy, then we can allow a greater intelligence to go to work on your behalf.

If you're inspired by the possibilities of this work, I'd love to meet with you and share the gift of Reconnective Healing™.

David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness
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