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David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness

Marilyn Olsen

My son was paralyzed when he was just over twenty-one and has been suffering with constant nerve pain ever since. He is now forty-three.  He became mysteriously ill aside from the pain from his back injury and became the recipient of a distance healing from David Gravelle.

Almost immediately he was feeling much better and was clearly returning to his stable mind, allowing him to conduct regular tasks, which had become a struggle for him. With these healings I am convinced that my son can return to an unblemished state of being and a stable consciousness. My gratitude is massive and my thanks go out to David for his strength and devotion to his gift of healing.

David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness

Sherry Banaka

Almost before I even laid down for my RH session, I felt a sense of deep relaxation and a powerful energy coursing through my body. It began clearing each of my chakras, spending time in each one, until it had moved through them all.

Then it went back and spent time in each chakra until each was fully open and connected with the adjacent chakra. It spent time healing my heart and relaxing my throat and the tension in my eyes. I became aware that I was seeing my third eye and crown chakras simultaneously. I became aware the energy was draining the pool of tears behind my eyes and opening my sinuses. This was a powerful, palpable experience!  Thank you, David.

David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness
David Gravelle - Heal Into Wholeness
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